Friday, May 21, 2010


My computer is working again!
And spring has sprung!


aria said...

beautiful stillness, the second picture... Always good that spring comes back every year! And it's always new pleasure again, isn't it?

(No more pictures on Flickr?)

TechnoBabe said...

You are getting pretty good with that camera, girl!! Really wonderful picture of the bird. Hard to catch pictures of the birds, they take off and are too fast.

jozien said...

thanks aria, i'm glad you mention the second picture, i like it very much myself, bu almost didn't want to post it, because it somehow didn't express spring as it feels now. I have more photos like it, but my flickr account is full and i don't want to add space for now.

thanks technobabe, i did sit still for at least half an hour to get a shot like that, i might try again today :) because i think i didn't quite catch the bluebird's utmost beauty