Sunday, May 2, 2010


The stinging nettles are coming up! they are tiny.

my garden is big.

Too big for me to look after, i promise i will look after my nettle patch.
Last years i was more interested in hiking about, this year even now my hands stained with paint, i am painting.
My thing is, i don't have much will power, i can only do things i really want.
And then when i feel low, like this morning, i cannot do a thing.
so how does a nettle come out of the half frozen ground as little purple treasures? "man i gotta get out this town...." (I loooooove this music of Beth Hart, i am listening to now, many days now)
Anyway i came somehow out of my low, and i don't really know how. It's like Nature in springtime.

I will post some crystals i found today, above here, the way blogging works.
The nettles are who i am, the gems are how i feel.

and when you want to read more about the good things nettles have to offer go here.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Yum! Spring nettles are so tasty. Mt favorite though are the new fireweed.

jozien said...

Yeh! as you might see, the little curls, are from last years fireweed, i help my nettles survivng by trying to eat all the fireweed as it comes up, and pull out the grass and roses and poplars, as this is how my garden is.
is your fireweed ready to pick?mine not yet.