Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bear Bliss

i finally! had a totally good day
no sadness lurking underneath
no sorrow no struggles
just a bear lurking in the bushes
papa bear gave me a big smile :-}

Oops, i spoke to soon, as i was typing here, my husband needed help and.... well as he is... what ever... i walked away and continue my post.

Bears, they look so sweet.

No, this bear this morning, he visited us a few times two summers ago. He is totally gorgeous as you see, a beautiful black shiny coat.

An encounter like that is different then with a porcupine, you realize. I wasn't afraid actually, i was in the yard close to the house. But i am totally alert, and have to stop myself from going closer, and always have a very closeby escape plan in mind.

My oh my, this is not a good time for blogging, now Alexander wants my attention, and he does not like it when i am behind the computer, because i pay no attention to what he says.

So toodeloo, i tell you about all the wonderful things of today later.

ps. my happiness is still up and running:)


fireweedmeadow said...

What a beautiful spring visitor. We have a bear that visits every spring and hangs around for a bit, eating eggs down at the pond. When the ducks and geese make a huge noise, you know the bear is helping itself to another snack. I do feel bad for the poor ducks.

TechnoBabe said...

The bear sure was checking you out though. You have more nerve than I do.

Brian said...

No bears over here, bears, lynx and wolves were persecuted hundreds of years ago in britain. To make way for sheep! So thanks Jozien for sharing these wonderful animals that you meet on your journeys :)Brian(:

Jos said...

Blimey Joz, you are a brave one! I already knew it, but bears ... come on.

Here in deepest Wiltshire my garden backs on to a very small wood. We have many visitors of the not-so-tame variety. This last couple of weeks I've seen 2 baby badgers, 3 foxes, any number of deer, a couple of rats (eek!), rabbits, grass snakes, mice, too many birds to mention although the green woodpecker is back this Spring (hurray).

Of course I never have my camera on me. Why not??? I must get me one of those teenie weenie ones that fit in my pocket.

I'm glad you feel happier Joz.

xx Jos

aria said...

when you're happy, I'm happy :-)!
Have fun with the bears (not getting too close...)