Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lapland Longspurs

The joyful singing these mornings comes from the Lapland Longspurs. You can listen to their song on this website, which i linked in the column on the right, under delights.

They are a common bird. And when you are from the states, you tell me, that's where they live in the winter. Now they are on their way to the Northern Coast to nest.

Here in my skies, they sweep through in great flocks. landing also in my yard (how fortunate i am, that they find me every year)to feed on the ground. And to delight me with their beautiful song, when they sit high in the poplars.

Last night we were talking in the yard, all was quiet now, and suddenly they sweeped over in one movement. Followed by a small hawk of some kind.

The snow is all gone again, elfin creek, running as wild as it will be.

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TechnoBabe said...

That second picture is postcard perfect. Really nice.