Friday, April 23, 2010

to be

Takhini River

male Barrow's Golden-eye.

swans and probably pintails.

It is already a glorious day today.
I woke up a little lighter today. The money thing had been weighing heavy on me. As it turns out things might not be as bad as they seem. Now there you got it, what kind of reason is that, to not be happy?

something pending, that i dread?
Something i lost or never had
something that i am, and do not want to be
something that i want and cannot earn
this morning i realized again
there's never a reason to be sad
because the swans they did return


TechnoBabe said...

Great pictures. Glad you found that things are not as bad as you thought.

Brian said...

Hey Jozien
Its good when the birds come home. Think of your cup half full never half empty :)Brian(:

aria said...

beautiful, the last line...
and remember: home is where your heart is, but you know that!
Have FUN in this spring time!
warm hug!

christopher said...


jozien said...

quadruple thanks! (that is actually 8x half full:)