Friday, April 16, 2010

I love my home

Still more pictures of Dutch flowers (more to come)
But i am very happy to be home, i love my wilderness, i had a long a lovely walk today and the weather is amazingly warm, especially after the cold in Holland, the rain in Chicago and the horizontal snowstorm in Camrose (Alberta).
And whatever the weather, if the swans are early in the North, a late snow fall in Grassy Lake, purple sunsets in Europe, even if all air traffic comes to a halt, i do like to say:

The butterflies didn't miss a beat
right on schedule
every year the same day
the mourning cloaks are on the wing
i spotted one today

1 comment:

TechnoBabe said...

These are beautiful flowers. Glad you are happy to be home. Always good to just be back home, isn't it?