Tuesday, April 27, 2010

guess what the wind blew in

Lots of birds
Yesterday, it was windy here, but apparently stormy in Whitehorse. Tonight that strong wind arrived here. My yard is quite sheltered, because of the surrounding tall trees. I wonder if that has to do with all these birds visiting me.
Also many more Juncos now.

Yesterday i scared the above Yellow-rumped Warbler, out of the outhouse. A small group arrived, and they are still here this morning. I guess the insects attract them to that particular spot. Flies etc. have been zooming since i got back. And since two weeks there is the big, slow mosquitoes (who don't sting me).

And besides the Robin singing away, who was screaming this morning?
The flickers! 3 of them. They seem to always come in three. They hang around last years nest site, scream, two fly or really sweep in great speed with the wind after each other, they join no.3, to scream again.

This wind always makes me happy and maybe reckless. I want to be like the flickers now :) In marriage (two) why not introduce a new lover every spring, just for fun and games. Alexander always says three is the strongest unit. (actually he refers to our existing family of 3)
What do you think?


The Iselin Times said...

lol :)

Canadian Down Under said...

You crack me up Jozien. Talk about Spring Fever! AS for what I think, I guess the question is what does Don think?

jozien said...

Don's totally fine with it :) you know, as for the flickers, it could be two, females.

christopher said...

I love how you welcome your birds. As for the other, yes, indeed, Spring Fever is active!

I don't really have a problem with it either so long as everyone is happy but I have a hard time believing that people mean what they say in this kind of intimacy. I have had experience with rather abrupt changes of mind.

Loving you

Robert V. Sobczak said...

There is something about 3 at lunch, or whatever ... it always makes it more social. That's a good thing your house is sheltered from the wind, that can make a huge difference (especially in a cold climate).