Saturday, April 24, 2010


Here in my dictionary,it says that 'incident' in Physics means: of a beam of light or particles arriving at or striking a surface.
Now isn't that something to think about? Yesterday Don and i walked across part of the river to get to the sandbank, to see the swans close up.
We did not have to cross open water.
Besides the two swans, they formed a group of at least two pintails, a mallard and a teal.

Now, the incidents according to its more obvious meaning.
These little things happen in my life lately, do they tell me that i have to take notice? or do you you believe life is just random?

No, i still didn't fall through the ice. Although on my own i would not have crossed a river, not even a secondary channel.
After our walk, we continued our drive to Kusawa lake. Don as a road builder, who had worked on this road last spring, wanted to see how well the road stood up through the seasons. (very well). I just happy, because this drive to the lake along the river is always spectacular. As it is early in the season, we see only one other traveller half way on this 25 km road.
And there you go at the very end, we have a flat tire on the front. No big deal you think, but was it not that, the spare did not fit!
But it did fit the back :)
Anyway it would have been a looooong walk.


TechnoBabe said...

The second picture of the two swans is really a great picture. Your hould name this photo.

christopher said...

Sometimes I really, really love your work, your writing. This is one of them.

jozien said...

What would you name it technobabe?

arriving at a surface, true love.

christopher i really, really love....your comments