Friday, April 16, 2010

de keukenhof

These photos are taken in 'de keukenhof', in Lisse, Holland.
the place to go to see spring flowers.

As i am promoting Holland here in red white blue and orange for it's oranje wimpel,
I do want to add, Holland has wild spring flowers too. Thanks to Gerrit and Helma, who took me to the Tenella Plas in Oostvoorne. Before i came to Canada i lived in it's Park for 2 years, I cried when i seen my old boyfriend's house. I did not bring my camera that day, so i can't show you how idyllic it is. Anyway i was also taken by the amount of wild flowers in the park.


Anja said...

I went to visit you at Oostvoorne one time. Didn't they have "Teunis bloemen" there?

RachelW said...

Aah, do I see magnolias? How they warm my heart!

Laurel said...

Thank you for all these photos you posted from your trip. The closest I ever got to seeing anything like this was when I went to Ottawa in April and all the Dutch bulbs were blooming along the canal. It was magnificent. I'm not very happy with the deer that just ate the new growth off my would-have-been-gorgeous tulips!