Sunday, April 25, 2010

robins spotted

Yesterday i found that one tiny crocus here on the bank of the Takhini river.
I start walking at the beginning of the Kusawa road, going south east kind of following the high bank. And if you don't know it, walking through the very sparse forest of the Takhini valley, suddenly there is that river.
I met the first Robins on the way.

Of course i was looking for swans, there were 6 of them in that bend. and some ducks. I walk back closer to the 'coulee' which ends up in that swamp there. that dip at a kilometre from the beginning of the road.


Jos said...

Hi Jozien

I love the photos on your blogs ... all of them. And your art is amazingly evocative. I saw your photo and then saw the plate, the moon time one? So unusual to find these expressions of womanhood. Well, at least unusual for me. I hope you are enjoying the Spring ... even if it is a little late in coming to your part of the world. xx Jos

jozien said...

thanks Jos
mmmm unusual, i say so :) i like to be what i called provocative. and wonder if evocative is a word that better suits me.