Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a horse kick

exposed probably by muskrats, water plants are helping to melt the ice on the pond
The last few days i have been looking for open water, hoping to see birds.
Today when i arrive at the 911-pond i do see horses.

I park my car on the highway, i turn it around, for a speedy getaway, just in case.
Normally i leave the keys in the car too, 'just in case' if i get lost, somebody at least can drive my car. It's true we do these things. This time i forget to leave the keys, they're in my pocket, oh well.

The weather is lovely, the forest is still, at first at the pond i see no birds. I decide to cross the pond, on ice that is still solid, but breaking up. I know, i will go down with keys in my pocket... No, i am not afraid of that, otherwise i would not. But i do know i am a little bit fearless, (compared to whom?)
Across the big pond, there is open water in little waterholes, and i see here and there birds flying off, before i even get close. (Not like in Holland where wild birds will feed out of your hand) I walk around happily, through swamp grass, still frozen underneath. I go all around and eventually i end up by the horses again, they come towards me and walk with me. I walk on to some other waterholes. Suddenly i hear a cacophony of birds and see two waterholes full of birds. I am happy to be with the horses, they can be my cover. Close to the birds i sit down, to take pictures. I take some of the horses' faces snuffling me. hmmmmmm....
Then i somehow make a to sudden move, the horse kicks my camera, grazing my eyebrow and my shoulder (no scratches) In that split second and by the sound of that kick, i envision my camera in pieces. Not so, but it does make strange noises and the lens is going in and out. I do fear it is broken and now i envision a live without camera (i have no money to spare, Alexanders education is going to cost us $20.000 dollar, which will put me on a budget more then ever)
Happy end as you see, because i did post today's pictures. I did, i am lucky i didn't get hurt. And for the pictures,
i kind of said some prayers and pushed the lens in, holding it down, like an obstinate child, i don't recommend this, but oh well it worked for me. And i am very happy to still have a working camera!


Sue said...

Fearless compared with me for sure! :D

In our neighborhood you can't even leave anything valuable in your car if it is locked, because someone will see it through the window, break the window and take it!

I'm glad your camera is OK. I would hate to think of no pictures from you!

TechnoBabe said...

You are used to all the freedom out there in your area, so to someone like me in my little country/near a city setting, I think it is unwise to wander and take a chance to get lost. You don't seem to think of that and you follow your instincts. I have to admire that because that is something I would not do. Good for you to be stubborn enough to get your camera to work.

Brian said...

Hi Jozien you were lucky with the horses kick thats for sure. Im happy that your camera is still working . Like your birds in Holland the water birds on Linlithgow loch get fed daily by lots of families. Who love this engaging with the ducks,geese,swans and foreign birds wintering here mine included :)Brian(:

jozien said...

well Sue, see by leaving the car unlocked, nobody has to break a window.
Thanks for appriciating my pictures!

Hi babe, around here i would not totally get lost anymore. But i am aware, i could get hurt. most of the time i let someone know something before i leave.

Hi Brian, yes, i do wonder now, who is closer to nature, not necessarrely a yukoner.