Monday, April 19, 2010

soft pink petals

i feel so soft and pliable, fragile like a petal. maybe it's this weather here, softer yet today.
it's been warm since i got back, the snow is almost gone. i walk through moss and puddles, and over paths of spruce needles. the ground underneath still frozen, the trees still bare. mosquitoes big and slowly, not biting yet.
i wonder if it will rain, but somehow i know it won't, i am not sad enough
swans fly overhead

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TechnoBabe said...

Weather is nice here too. Makes such a difference to not put on so many outer clothes just to go out to the mailbox or garage. Our trees are not bare any more. Blossoms and leaves and some antsy neighbors have their lawn mowers going, but I don't know why, the grass has not grown yet.