Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i'm back

Yes, i went to Holland and the tulips were starting to bloom.
I am sure they are in full bloom now. As it is already a week ago i left Holland.
Alexander and i did a little more travelling, and we fell in love with this city.
Can you guess where it is?

I will post some more pictures of our travels, some time. I am rather busy now.
trying to catch up.
See you soon!!!


TechnoBabe said...

Welcome back! Hope the trip was full of good things to see and people to visit. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of what you saw wherever you traveled, Holland and all the other places.

Cicero Sings said...

Glad to see you are safely home. From the tenor of your message it sounds like you had a good time.

christopher said...

Yay! She's back!

Brian said...

Welcome home Jozien
Good to have you back.

The Iselin Times said...

Hey, where were you besides Holland? That skyscraper looks vaguely familiar to me. Is that Philadelphia or NY? Because if you were near me, and we didn't meet for lunch, I'll be sad!