Friday, March 5, 2010

yeh yeh yeh

This blogging, there is so much
I just have to go click and the answer is there,
i love it.

That's what blows me away, in life overall, that there is so much beauty and wisdom. That's why i love the wind, i love being blown away.

To be surrounded by love, in one way it makes me feel; who am i? i am nothing.
And i try to shift a bit they way you show me, because i like what i see and read.
and voila!

Wednesday evening i took a workshop with Joanne Baines 'Embodied Anatomy'
I am not going to explain it all here, but the essence of it for me is:
to be aware of your own body
So we were doing that, becoming aware, and miraculously, yes my body knows. Nobody really has to tell me, i could feel it in my body, what is right.

I can actually tell you a little example, so read on if you want to know, my own experience so far.
stop reading now, if you really don't want to hear about my bowel movement :)
I have a tendency to be constipated. And i have ways to deal with that, from not holding in emotionally to eating seeds and raw veggies.
Being with Joanne (who didn't focus on my issue, i didn't take the workshop for that reason) She let us feel our posture, what i felt is that i should shift my upper body ever so slightly to the right and my lower body slightly back. And there you go this morning i realized
this frees up the very end of my colon!
Now when you look at my body (see my other blog:) my left breast is bigger and i have a tummy roll, meaning for years i have let it hang slightly that way. (whatever the reason)

It's all so simple really.

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