Tuesday, March 16, 2010

green eyes

Susan came out today, and i was happy to go up the mountain again. It looks like she was dressed for freezing temperatures, but i am happy to say we were overdressed totally.
we could have been hiking in shorts :) My face is glowing and i know i got a bit of a sunburn.
And really even on a summer hike it is hard to dress for the mountains here, as there is often a cold breeze in places.

Susan wants to take a short cut bush whacking, which i love, and i am glad she does too. we go through this enchanted forest. The poplars (aspen) have little burls on them.
and we come across the fresh porcupine tracks. A porcupine leaves a love track, this one 9 inches wide. It is a continues wavy track, their footprints not clearly distinguishable, as it leaves a wavy line in the middle from its tail.
The moose tracks were fresh too, So they both live there at the moment, i wonder if they walk and talk together too.

Not many people know i actually have green eyes. They often look blue. But i love it when people actually see, i have green eyes. (Thanks Susan, for capturing it)

We had our lunch on the bedrock, a bird had been here before us, and left a little bit of down

I wonder what kind of bird, yesterday there where some chickadees and a bigger bird.

This fluff wasn't there yesterday, so i wonder who left it.

The chickadees are singing their spring song, both yesterday and today, beautiful!


Cicero Sings said...

Hi Jozien,

I see you had a wonderful day too. That is a VERY nice picture of you on the rocks.

I'm glad that your art show went well and that you sold a few. Too bad we couldn't have popped up for the viewing ... just a little too far.

We had a lovely afternoon once the wind blew the clouds away ... very windy. Only a short walk today as we were both a little tired for whatever reason.

When we researched D's Dad's genealogy we found stories on the web of a few of his forefathers as they came as employees of the Hudson Bay Company and many married Indian women. D's grandfather was Metis and his great grandparents were Metis. It was very interesting. There were some interesting finds and some untold stories that I sure would like to unearth but not in this life I'm afraid. We also had someone contact us from Scotland on that side of the family recently with more info. Fun.

We are just starting on his mother's side now so we start with the people still living. Fortunately, there are still a few, not many, but a few. The older they get, the harder it is to pick their brains for info. I so love the stories if I can get my hands on them!

jozien said...

Hi Cicero, thanks!
That does sounds so interesting! Maybe i should find out where my blue/green eyes come from. I did change that picture while you were looking at it. I liked the composition of the first one better, but the color of my eyse had disappeared in processing it for export. So this a trimmed piece from the original.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Really terrific post: you capture the moment in time. The sun must be intoxicating, and to be able to soak it in on the rock (that's a good hikes reward). Mary sent me a Whitehorse tourism packet in the mail ... very excited to get it.

jozien said...

Oh Robert, thanks and you remind me i wanted to phone Mary tonight.

RachelW said...

I love your pictures. That down is the best!