Tuesday, March 9, 2010

fish lake

Coyote is in the yard as i speak, she tricks me alright. Sunday i said -i love the wind- and i mean it and am very passionately about it. Somewhere else that day i also spoke about, how i love my body.
Soooo yesterday on woman's day two most beautiful woman climbed the mountain, parking our car in the blistering wind on the edge of the lake. happy to climb most part in the shelter of the trees. (the trees, i 'll do another post about the trees, because iloooove those trees there)
Anyway in an hour we hear the roaring of the wind, we are at the tree line.
And finally finally i am on top of a mountain again, and the wind with us, blowing us on, we laugh and freeze, find a little bit of shelter in the barren land on the lee side of the the ridge we are on.

Glory oh glory, why do i love the wind, because really it would have been nice to just sit quietly there for a bit.

So where does coyote comes in, she gives me what i want, what i passionately love. That is really...... quite a responsibility i have there towards me.

(later i will post more, because you know i belong on the mountain top and it took me all winter to get there again, just 1 measly hour hiking up)


christopher said...

What Coyote Gives

Coyote gives you
what you want, gives you the moon
as she snuffs the edge
of the world right there
in your yard. She gives you eyes
for the shape of things
and a way to find
my scent as I pass nearby.
She gives you a tail
and sure footed grasp
of the wild life just outside
the door to your heart.

Brian said...

Sometimes it takes an age to travel somewhere that is not far away. Getting there is import, but more important is what we do and what we see on the way!! I hope Coyote sticks around for a while :)Brian(:

jozien said...

you guys! what beautiful words.
thank you! I am going to post both comments on my wall, reminders in dark clouds