Friday, March 12, 2010


May i be the happiest mother alive?

Alexander finally phoned me, just now.
He won the snowboard competition in his division!

He didn't get a gold in any of the four events, but placed highest overall.

(the photo, is his bronze ulu he won 2 years ago)

As you noticed the last few days, i do have a competitive edge to myself, but i love it how miracles work; in his division, 10 snowboarders, junior men, there were 5 golden medals handed out. And as the miracle be, to 5 different boarders, i will check now, maybe even of 5 different contingents.


aria said...


Brian said...

Good for him you will be proud as punch :)Brian(:

jozien said...

Thanks Aria!
Proud as a punch, i like that, that is how i feel, strawberries and cherries.

jozien said...

Thanks Brian :)