Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alexander Chisholme

There you go finally a picture of Alexander.
By Tom Patrick, Yukon News

quote: “I think Alexander’s strength was that his amplitude was right up there,” said Binsted. “Amplitude and clean execution were extremely important for these judges.”

Mary Binstead is Alexander's coach. She is great!!! I just use exclamation marks for lack of vocabulary.
I had to look up what amplitude means: greatness of extent, the maximum displacement from the zero or mean position of a wave or oscillation.
(I suppose you also know what oscillation means:)
ahhh but i will write it's meaning here too, because these are just such wonderful words. I love words, especially if it means something to me. Like something i always knew , but didn't have the words for.
So there you go, oscillation: the act of oscillating:). fluctuation, instability, variation. etc.

I know were Alexander gets it from, from me. I am an oscillator having amplitude. I love it :) Why not?


Canadian Down Under said...

Oh I can just hear you laughing after that last sentence.
And I joined right in
because it suits you to a tee.
You are definately
an oscilator with great amplitude!
That's what I love about you!

I didn't know what those words meant either
unlike you,
english is my first languane.

In real english,
I think she's saying
his wave was the highest.

Riding the wind.


TechnoBabe said...

I know you must be keeping a scrap book of all your son's accomplishments and awards.
Great picture the photographer caught.

aria said...

Hello my dear Friend,
I had to check the word as well. According the Dutch Wikipedia: "In de elektronica is een oscillator een schakeling die een periodiek signaal opwekt. Is het opgewekte signaal sinusvormig, dan spreekt men van een harmonische oscillator".
Let's go for the Harmonic oscillator" :-).
Talking about words, another beautiful word is Serendipity. I believe we talked about this word before. Looking for love, finding the truth about yourself?

jozien said...

yes i am laughing.
yes, although this is my scrapbook.
(the paper evidence is a paper trail in his room)
And Aria, see you soon, and we'll put these words in action.

Anonymous said...

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