Saturday, March 6, 2010

Headless Buddha

winter, spring
you tell me
dull black and white
golden blue and bright
i do not distinguish
a lie from the truth
sunrays in darkness
my heart from yours
all i know
is the light
i live in
you, you and you
all of you

your radiance

some of you
sunny robert, florida/yukon
golden cat, the giver of the print
for inspiration on the last added sentence:)


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Beautiful poem Jozien, and stunning set of photographs that preceded it (and set the stage). Your style of poetry has grown on me, spare yet fluid. (The snow looks to be on the wane, but from what Mary says, it never quite got around to waxing ...)

christopher said...




Laurel said...

Love,LOVE,Love this poem of yours. The photos are lovely too... though I believe that weather you photographed is on its way to us. The barometer has been dropping all day and I had been so enjoying this sunshine that has been making everyone around me so cheerful.

Brian said...

Winter is never dull, here in Scotland we've had the hardest winter in decades.
rivers and lochs (lakes) were frozen for months .I have never known weather like this in my lifetime .They called it a Scandinavian winter its nearly over now but I have loved it starting with the white Christmas . Bright shining days and cold nights with frosted diamonds all around. I shall remember this winter always :)Brian(:

jozien said...

Robert you always give the nicest compliments, thanks.

Christopher xxx :)

Laurel, actually yesterday had sunshine too, i'll send that along too.

Brian, i'm glad you loved it, i couldn't live without it.

RachelW said...

Beautiful! The snow and Cat's artwork complement and reflect one another so perfectly.

jozien said...

Thanks Rachel, i thought so too, i am glad you see that, because i cannot really describe why that is.