Tuesday, March 9, 2010

monday's photos

On the way to Fish lake , Mcintyre creek. I am not sure, i didn't read the information signs at the look-out, but i think this creek stays open all winter. I was too busy looking for some ducks we could clearly hear, but never found. Some ducks do stay on all winter.

And this a beautiful Balsam Fir. It's needles are like spruce but thicker, the way i identify the tree immediately is by the bark though, which is smooth compared to the Spruce.
Down by the lake, it's spruce forest, with some Aspen and of course Willow (willow grows everywhere i suppose). Higher up we start seeing a fir here and there. Up to the tree line it is all firs.

And above the treeline....... you gotta love it.

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Akannie said...

Great Pics, Jozien....almost makes me wanna come visit....lol

A little too far north for my old bones, I'm afraid...