Thursday, March 4, 2010


Okay no more crying for me, i promise......
till i cry again.

Anyway i like to say, after i spoke out about my worries for Alexander, the next day he applied to a school!!! (i am so happy)
It's like when you finally decide to go the doctor, when you see him, the ailment is somehow gone. Do you ever have that?
Really it's a beautiful thing. For me it's not something i can control.
It's about letting go, totally admitting defeat.
I can not do that on demand.
Let go and let God.
To me it is the secret of life;
All is energy, the same energy.
When we hold on to something it cannot change, only when we let go it can transform. It is really so simple when you think of it.

Spring, comes every spring. Maybe we just struggle at times with life till the moment comes for us to let go. How come the birds and the buds know these things and we don't?

Maybe i should just altogether stop struggling, and know that the roses will smell again. ( i already did stop, really, for now, till...)

For now, i looooove this drawn out spring of the Yukon, it may last till May.
so (Christopher:) i can capture that moment of change.

(do you smell it? ....
the sweet scent of wild roses.....lovely ain't it?)


TechnoBabe said...

Hi there, You say "How come the birds and the buds know these things and we don't?" I believe that we do know it. We just don't choose to go with the reality of the seasons. I stopped my struggling a couple years ago. What freedom!! I wish that for you.

jozien said...

Thanks!!! :) yes what freedom.
I will get there.:) love you.

Laurel said...

Wise words. . . just what I needed to be reminded of today . . . and this early spring! Isn't it a marvellous gift?