Sunday, March 7, 2010

the wind, i love the wind

i am still in my very good mood, it actually makes it hard to say anything, because it will be just
like; oh look how beautiful the snow, what the wind does to it, don't they make the perfect pair, wind caressing snow.
or; oh look at that root, it must have been a treesome; the wind, the sun, the root, their love lasts here forever.
and then the horses....., too bad i didn't capture them running in the wind. Well that would have be the ultimate, me galopping bareback, wind blowing through my hair.
i did try to mount the black stallion, he almost let me, but i don't know if because of the snow, i couldn't get enough footing to jump, and he was big and high, and maybe i haven't practiced getting on a horse for a long time.

today on this beautiful windy sunny day we went to the meadows again.
and really not all was perfect, Don is still don and i am still me, so we still fight once in a while.
hey! but we get over it these days, and had a truly wonderful outing
oh yes and the wind was sharp and cold, my fingers still slightly tingling.
we went into, what i called a gorge last week, again. it is such an awesome place, it's not like the meadows. but it is flat inside what seems to be grassy underneath the snow, plus here and there what appears to be ponds. And it's a long narrow strip, say on average 400 feet wide, lined by clay walls, that are falling in, the walls on average, (i am not being accurate) say 15 feet high (hmm maybe higher). today we went all the way to the end of this kilometer or mile (i promise measuring next time)strip. it ends with this clay wall, kind of rounded, a bowl at the end . so i climbed the wall at the end and... it just continues! me being me i would have found a way to get over the wall, but don always keeps me reined in a bit, time to go back.

on the way back we meet in middle of the 911-pond, Duke, Cici and Sundance! three old horses, Duke is 24 i think. It happened to be that their owners where there with them on their skidoos bringing them some oats. So we had a nice visit, remember that people were applying for land there, and i wrote a letter to objecting to it. Well Elaine, who has her horses free ranging there, was able to tell me that the people had not gotten the land ( it's a long story, i think everybody should be allowed to live her, but... anyway i am not going into that today)



TechnoBabe said...

The horses are free. What a life, huh. For many of us living in the rural and city dwellings we think of your type of life as free. By the pictures and the stories of skidooing and wandering through wilderness. You have a great way of life there!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

It's amazing how many adventures, real and imagined, we live through each day. From the sounds of it you were recounting your many of them at the end of a long day.