Saturday, November 21, 2020

What do I know?

 Yes I am sitting here in the dark typing. Another attempt to look at the screen instead of the keyboard.

Which is very hard for me, but hey as you see it is working.

In with this I would like to make a point. My desire to look at the keyboard like now, even in the dark I am looking towards the key board now, oh dear. 

Try again

So you can see a desire like that, is not helping me to type better.

 on a total different note, I also have a strong longing, for a few days now to go to the 911-pond.

And that I compare to my sisters desire to travel, and I assume many people miss travelling.

Oops and right now my husband's desire to have the radio on, while not even listening. It drives me crazy, like now when I am writing this post, I do not want to listen to the radio. A front line worker is being interviewed, I think she has been on air with the very same story since April now. Sorry I have no patience fro that.

That is actually another post, I think in people and on radio ( we do not do tv or internet ) I too easy pick out the negative....I want to see the beauty first and yes I do want to be aware of the negative...I believe in the fact that everything has two sides.

This way , here now, this blind typing takes me way too long. I post this as is, Hopefully, I always hope that this is being read and that the readers have their own thought accordingly What i am that some thing is triggered, something new. Is there someone out there? Are you there?

Something that makes you more at ease, more satisfied with what is, in this very moment.

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