Tuesday, March 5, 2013

cherry blossom

my world is made of sugar

can you imagine, everything you can imaging can be made with ice and snow
mind you it might not last as long as cherry blossom
disappearing when the sun comes out
but often longer 
when caught in glacier ice
it's there for centuries to come

i pick and choose my kind of candy


strider said...

thank you special lady of the wild north

christopher said...

Kisses, hugs and all like that to you, my friend.

Zee said...

It is funny, I have been thinking about the same themes as you do lately. Eros (and with that sex) is a powerful energy, not to be underestimated or belittled.
As the traditional story tells us, whenever Psyche appears and tries to inquire about Eros, he just vanishes and disappears. Odd, isn't it. Maybe the next sexual revolution, is to bring Psyche and Eros together, make them to know each other, so they can be friends.