Sunday, February 24, 2013

simon vinkenoog

I happen to be reading a book which was written in the last sexual revolution the writer actually makes sure we know it is written from 1963 till 1971. But this post is not about sex, well it always is of course, to me everything we are is related to sex.
quote, In een openbaring leeft hij, die weet dat het leven een aaneenschakeling  van wonderen is. (translated) In a revelation lives he, who knows that life is a sequence of miracles. or, In clarity lives he, who knows that life is a concatenation of miracles.
Upon starting to read the book (het hek van de dam) i already realized, hey here is someone who knows that there is not one truth, but that we each have our own truth.
Now of course life is bound by certain laws, a miracle really, that water is heavier then air, and that we might wake up in a cloud, and know ourselves wonderfully lost, or in a big rain storm and we are washed clean.  One can think of disasters too, but never  will the laws that water lives by be changed. Which is amazing, can you imagine that we suddenly have to adept and become like fish, that will take centuries, many of us will perish.
So miraculously there is these laws that we can depend on.
And then there is creation, i do call it free will,. never do i really now what the next moment will bring.
I live like a land mammal in a world of water.

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