Friday, March 29, 2013


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Yesterday at around noon, driving in to town, i spotted  what i call a double pair of sundogs to either side of the sun, there also appeared to go white lines coming out of these sundogs. As i stood watching them with Gerry in Hillcrest. The outer sundog on the left of the sun, did look like the beginning of a rainbow, arching towards the North. Above the sun appeared now a bent rainbow , a rainbow colored line arched above the sun but dipping down in the middle.
Later, after one o'clock, i watched from several locations in town. There was this almost perfect circle straight overhead in the sky, a white circle, the width of a rainbow, but white.

Did you see it? What did you see and what do you call all these phenomena?

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strider said...

Love this post alot
you are lucky to have a stable weather system where these natural phenomena can occur, in europe it's all a bit random

take care special one