Tuesday, March 19, 2013

let's look at the sky

these photos don't quite match, and i would love to talk about the healing powers of ice crystals mentioned by Sean..

I woke up empty this morning, Don cuddled  up and gave me a good rub, i searched for my majestic powers and thinking about Truth, i started laughing.

I arrived at a spot where i had been before; As soon as trying to describe 'what is true for me' it crumbles.
I like the idea that it doesn't want to be captured in words. That is somewhere beyond what can be explained. i suppose that is true for me.

I liked how Master Fwap explained karma and free will, As in Christianity i found there is a similar dilemma  When all is God's will, where do i come in?

So i like to describe it this way...tada!
All i have is this moment, and only in this place at this time. As soon as i move all has changed.
Somehow there is always me coming with me, never anyone else, my awareness always me.
Because i am so connected to myself weather i want it or not, i do believe  i create every next moment.

Now as not letting it all go to my head.  Seeing,  sensing in many ways, that there is an 'outside' of me too,
It/we must be all made of the same stuff, all with its/our own personal awareness.

I Do Not Know,
how i came to be. And all explanations in that direction  to me are futile. As there is no way to prove any of it.

What i do know is that i have a certain control over my next moment what the outcome will be. In the logical sense.  Like if i type this and post it, it will be momentarily typed and posted. Which is also  based on very many past moments, at one point i learned to speak, then write, type, use a computer.

And who dropped out of the sky? it is Don and he is making lunch, so the typing of this post will be delayed a bit, because i choose to eat a bit too.

Now all that is common sense, i think...

From experience i have reason to believe, that not only my action have influence on the next moment.
( i know i keep talking about the next moment, well this one is already spoken for, it is what it is, even if i might think about it differently later)

I found that what i think has an influence on what i experience.

 hey, see you tomorrow, i will have lunch now

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