Friday, March 29, 2013

circumzenithal arc

All i can find is that the arc i saw yesterday was a circumzenithal arc. Contradictory to what i can find on the the Internet. It was white , not rainbow colored and it was , and i think what i saw yesterday was a full circle. Also i read somewhere that for such halo, we need ice crystals in cirrum clouds, well that was possibel. But another fact it mentioned. For a circumzenithal arc, the sun has to be below 32 degrees above the horizon. It was 1 pm, i do hope our sun is higher then 32 degrees, i don't know.

The photos taken wednesday, 4 walking hours, in a straight line south, away from here
somewhere halfway on the mountain south of here

the vertical lines in the ice indicated to me that the ice was once melting but now frozen solid again.
and what creates those sparkles?

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strider said...

There is a book that may help with this, its called "the Cloudspotters Guide" by Gavin Pretor - Pinney

has all sorts of cloud phenomena and how they are formed as well