Monday, March 25, 2013


This otter was having fun!
And in a book from Louise R. Forrest i read that they do live in beaver.. well this was a small beaver dam. That was constructed this past year, as it wasn't there last year around this time.
I wander about the relationship of these beavers and otters, the otter a carnivore and the beaver a herbivore, so a nice friendship can be imagined.


Anonymous said...

I was an otter in a previous life.

Their secret is to be specialized and fill a large part of their day with fun. Funny how people do not get this concept for the most part.


christopher said...

Oh often I just love your posts and this is one of those. I can see the otters realizing it is just about time to really get out and get going.

strider said...

Have to agree with christopher, it's posts like this that are truly inspiring
good stuff Jo
thank you