Friday, March 22, 2013

the river ice is dropping

Now that doesn't mean spring is coming. It probably just means there is so little water under the ice that the ice just collapses and falls in the water below.
In my last post i also didn't mean that  i am anxious for spring to come. I just meant that sometimes we do not see any signs of things to come yet we know. In Nature that is obvious, but i often see that truth in other aspects of life too.

I know that beside taking positive action, a positive outlook does have an effect and how i experience things.


Anonymous said...

I really like
and fall
some low light winter days
set aside for reading and sleeping
and winter especially when
long days mean spring is coming

christopher said...

It is already spring down here and I know it is headed your way. We are both in the same time zone.

Loving you.

strider said...

so much snow but so little water in the rivers.....go figure

take care be safe and warm