Monday, March 18, 2013

The different faces of ice

The more water solidifies the more faces it has. So is my truth quite different then yours even if we are both mostly water. Ha! can you imagine how different from eachother we would look if we actually become still for a long time? I can write anything i want, it might be right or wrong, a lie or not , made up or actually experienced.
What i am getting at is that we all have our own truth, your path is not necessary mine. When to be Catholic ( i am just saying, no pun intended) works for you,  that is fantastic. Even if it is all smoke ( i did think the smoke would stay black forever, it didn't).
This morning it is minus 30 Celsius again, but the sun is already glorious, and we know it will win.
And i who remember to wake up happy as a child, only being afraid of the lion under my bed, lately i have been waking up distressed, every morning, it already faded the sun shining too brightly to keep me there.
Master Fwap ( surfing the Himalayas) tells me what i feel is majestic power of particular dimensions. Well master Fwap is full of Bologna (baloney). yet like everybody  ( fictional or real) we all must have an essence of the same. Now the essence, That! is that what i call truth? Can even be my essence quite different then yours? How do you describe your water when it's frozen solid?

I hope to write every morning in my time of majestic power (dread) a little bit about what is essentially true for me.


Anonymous said...

I once read something which I thought was profound at the time- something like- Nothing exists from whose nature some effect does not follow.

I sometimes feel the same way too. And we often see the same things.

A dipper was calling from the ice near small open areas of the creek. Feathers are scattered around a few disturbed snow patches- predators seem to be leaving obvious signs of their grouse meals. And the quality of light is changing ever so quickly daily. New brightness and shadows in the windows- and some plants are holding their leaves up to the new light like people holding hands out in a religious ceremony. Especially the shamrock plant!

And I have read that the rapid changes in photoperiod in spring and fall are difficult for some people. It often depresses their mood and sense of joy. A little ironic really, light returning and the season progressing quickly from winter to spring, but somehow depressing some people’s spirit.


Anonymous said...

Different faces of ice

There are clusters of geode like ice crystals on the underside of the creek ice- do they have healing power? Who really knows these things?

And a colony of frost flowers covered a dark section of the ice and I could hear the sound of the creek flowing beneath. And what caused the formation of those frost anemones on the darkest ice? I have seen them before on lake ice and they are Exquisite! They resemble sea anemones which somehow were frozen in time.

And I still brood over what causes an angry heart and how much warmth and trust is required to warm its glacial nature.