Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This was an hour ago

right now the sun is out brilliantly, there is flocks of birds in the sky, but i can't see them, only hear there happy calls, there's fresh deer prints in the yard.

I do not care what you think.
I love winter
you don't know what you're missing
to have the world draped in white and shine
to hear the clear bells of migratory birds in total stillness
ruffling in the branches of birds who stay
to smell the highbush cranberries as the frost is breaking them open

ah i feel i am cheating again (i just said that in my comments last post) cheating in the sense that i say one thing, but do the other.

So here i am loving this snow, and there i am having to tell you that i am going to the Southern States for a month or so. I am leaving the 25th of October.
Now i am thinking; that's why winter came so early, so i can still post lots of winter snow and ice pictures, tell lots of stories of cold weather by the warm wood stove, before i enter this different world of sand and red rocks where only the adobe houses are white. I imagine, i haven't been there yet, and haven't done much reading and looking at pictures yet.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I love winter too! Everything is so clean and bright.

Hagazussa said...

Ach mijn vrienden uit Noorwegen, waren vanmiddag hier een paar uurtjes in hun overvolle schema en ik ben helemaal vergeten te vragen of ze ook al sneeuw hadden. Ik vind de winter mooi en prachtig, maar ik kan niet zo goed tegen lange donkere perioden, dus ik ben toch altijd weel blij als het voorjaar aanbreekt, dat is voor mij de mooiste tijd. Jij gaat straks fijn nog een maandje extra zonne-energie tanken, dat lijkt me wel fijn als de winter nu al is ingezet.

Liefs, Haagje

Brian said...

Hey keeper of the wild place. What a wonderful world you look after. Does your winter normally start about now or is it early?:)Brian(:

Cicero Sings said...

I don't know as I love winter but I don't mind it for the most part ... better snow than the rain we used to get at the coast!

When you get back from your month long sojourn, winter will be in full swing, ready for you to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy,

christopher said...

What does "Southern States mean?

Where are you going?

jozien said...

Haagje, Kara says it right in winter everything is clean and bright, we have no long periods of dark. That is if you live on the South side of the mountain and do not lock yourself in a building in the hours the sun is out.
Brian, today lots melted, usually snow and ice stay by the middle of October.
Christopher :) you know where i am going, destination; Albuquerque.
I'll be 40 min. in Seattle and an hour in Spokane, where will you be on the 27th?

Elisabeth said...

I'm here through Christopher's blog, Jozien. Intrigued by the sights of these wild and cold places so far from where i live in Australia.

If my parents in the fifties had had their way, they would have migrated to Canada instead of Australia, and who knows I might have been a neighbour.

It's good to meet you.

klaproos said...

de eerste sneeuw, niet te geloven,
zouden wij een staartje krijgen van jullie koude, wel weer een heel erg mooi gezicht, hé,
maar ehhh ik verlang eerst nog evennaar een mooie indian summer
en dan even wachten met de kou en daaaaaaan jawel :-)

prachtige foto's

Anonymous said...

Albuquerque! My old stomping grounds. Be sure to have some good green chilis. Too bad you're going to miss the balloon fiesta, though.

(By the way, states in the Southwest -- and that's anyone west of Texas and East of California -- don't generally consider themselves 'southern'. Geographically correct, perhaps, but culturally, no.)

Quite a change from the Yukon, I should think! Enjoy!

annie and katrin said...
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jozien said...

Tanruuk! i was talking Spanish to you, here i am trying again maybe i keep to English for now.
What do they call those States?
And i am happy to tell you that i at least try to attend the Taos Mountain Balloon Rally.

Anonymous said...

Just 'The Southwest', usually. It's cool, as long as everybody knows you're not including Texas.

Taos is beautiful. Have a lovely time!

Sue said...

I wish you were coming to visit me! But NJ is very far from Taos ... oh well, let me know if you ever take a trip to NYC :)