Sunday, September 5, 2010


Today a rainy day.
Yesterday's photos, sun with clouds and fresh snow on the mountain tops.
Now the clouds are lifting, and i suspect even more white.
I haven't been on-line very much lately, it's called visitors.
Not a lack of wilderness stories really, fall is progressing beautifully.
Now, after not having written for a while it is hard to pick up the thread.
Today's story; After Don digs up some fresh potatoes and i make rosehip jam, we take Don's daughter, Faith, into the rain. Driving through the mud, we finally find that at the landing our some shaggy mane mushrooms, Don does one cast at the point right into the junction of the two rivers and pulls out a pike, just to impress his daughter. Through more mud we drive to our favorite cranberry patch, and pick 4 liters in no time. ( i suppose it's a good cranberry year)
And now we are going to have supper, I love that, most of the food caught/gathered today.


Anonymous said...

Great images of the clouds against the mountains.

christopher said...

Welcome back. I am sure it was worth it. Loving you. Beautiful pictures.

Jos said...

Sounds great Joz, eating what you've gathered rather than just shopped for. Lovely photos too.

Brian said...

Hey Keeper of the wild place, things are looking wild out there. Its nice to find grub when your out foraging. Good to see you back :)Brian(: