Saturday, September 18, 2010

purple water

clouds with golden lining
mountains bright red
and peace surrounding me
As the days have been so hot here lately, the nights frosty, only small white caps are left on our mountains. As the heat, the frost will also evaporate any moisture.
Yesterday evening Don and i went to Mendenhall landing, to pick some more Shaggy mane mushrooms. Whatever the reason, they did had little flies in them, but not that they seem invested with them. I am cleaning them now and they seem very much okay and the flies gone, (i left them outside overnight). And they tasted good! and no flies, eggs or larvae on my plate.

Last night at the landing it was beautiful. As i didn't feel like picking too much mushroom (because of the flies) and Don fishing, i just walked out to the sound of the ducks , shrill in this still evening. We heard a great splash! The beaver was out swimming again, i saw her here two weeks ago in the same light. I think beavers like to swim at sunset. Some 10 years ago i swam with a beaver in purple water in little Atlin lake, it was magical.
Last night i sat at the end of a little spit of land and the beaver swam up that river, floated down , back and forth, closer and closer to where i sat. Sometimes turning with a splash disappearing under water for a while. When swimming, his little head pushing the water, sticking out beady eyes and perked up ears. His body like a piece of wood floating on the water.

I was getting cold and Don was catching no fish, so i finally moved, the ducks scattered and the beaver took off with a big splash of his tail.

the sunset now bright orange , clouds violet with golden lining, above that a still bright blue sky. the mountains red with here and there a white cap, the forest dark and the poplars yellow.
and the water dark shining purple.


Cicero Sings said...

Now how did you keep those shaggy manes from turning black having left them out overnight I wonder?

Amazing what one sees all when one sits still. Sounds like a beautiful evening.

jozien said...

Hi Cicero, we have that liberty now, because it freezes at night. This morning i cleaned them and put them in my freezer in ziploc bags, works great. For later use i'll put them in the pot frozen, and cook/fry them for an instant, still white, well they turn grey being cooked.
Hey i promise i'll sit still again today sometime.....gotta go