Sunday, September 12, 2010

there's a light mist this morning.
yes, i had a few puffs, to add some smoke to the scene.
to make it all more impossible to see clearly.
i am not at home in my own house
my life is riddled with mysteries
i used to write my stories here
the glory of living on planet earth
believing what we feel passionate about
we attract
maybe even create
sharing it
this life a mysterious thing
now i only write
when i see no way out
the nights are dark now
this fall is wet
is it Jupiter that lights up the evening sky?
the days are sunny and light
yesterday another short rainstorm
it rained in front of the house
but not at the sides or at the back
only the future
is where i can't see through
what do i do?
i pride myself
on breezing through life so easily
knowing where the sun shines
knowing that here in the North
snow will soon fall :)
(i am not trying to create something here)
the sunlight will be reflected a thousand times
in all directions
past and future
here and there
giving warmth within


Brian said...

Hey Keeper of the wild place
Its weird how the rain can work .I once was down town and going to cross the street. It was warm and dry where I was, on the other side it was torrential . A few puffs not the end of the world, take care out in the wild places while you keep them safe :)Brian(:

Anja said...

Read Psalm 139, and see the Lord smiling at you :)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Love your poetry, simple but captivating, and just the right length -- I read it until the end. Say hello to Mary and Gerry!

jozien said...

Thank you all.
A few puffs... i know i will have to kind of start over again, the never again spell is broken.
I tried to read the psalm Anja, but where are my reading glasses when you need them.
Thanks Robert, i will do!

jozien said...

Anja i read the psalm! I did not know it and am very happy with it :) i am always happy when the bible says something i feel is true. It's the lines that God is everywhere, no matter where i go. Too bad the last 3 verses contradict that. I suspect David doubted his insight or someone added those lines later.

Anja said...

Hi Jozien
I think you might be surprise what else is in the Psalms. Lots to explore for poets (and not poets like me)

christopher said...

Not Enough Fiber

I only write when
I see no way out, only
ways in - ways to find
your heart nested in
last year's fallen intentions.

How can I tell you
the shape of summer
fading in the grassy verge,
alongside the road
I would rather take
than the one we have, crazy
with the twists of hope?