Monday, September 6, 2010


I had a dream last night, when i pay attention i remember a lot of dreams in the morning.
Tonight i had a significant one.
My reoccurring dreams that bother me, are about me being very angry and nobody even noticing me and another of my 'favorite' themes is where i have no control over my students.
In daily life i think... i do not have much anger and don't have control issues. :)
But as i am an old time reader of Jung's work, i take my dreams very serious.

Tonight's Liberation!
Saying the previous, i was very happy with the following dream. Hoping that somehow i have made progress in life.

I am in a kind of school setting. I happened to hear that tomorrow there is a race, England and French the favorites. I and the people i am with, have never participated. I go in our room, lots of young adult males that i am supposed to know, but have forgotten their names. I call for attention, after a bit the room quiets down, and they listen! and they want to participate.
I choose 4 males and one female, i feel embarrassed about having forgotten their names, but nobody cares they are all into the races. And people gather by my side to help.
We come in second place!

In real life i knew the males from past, guys with whom there was a slight attraction sexually/romantically, but not much came of it.
In real life i don't think i ever take charge that way......

hmmmm what do you think?
And i love to hear your dreams over morning coffee.
I've got hot coffee on the woodstove!


Brian said...

Hey Jozien
dreams can be crazy and I have my share of them. Some goood and some bad :)Brian(:

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I am always full of crazy dreams! Last night I stole a flying car, made out with a woman, and ran away from cops. I remember my dreams very vividly, even back to when I was just a kid.

jozien said...

Neat! Thanks.
Kara did you fly to steal the flying car?
Yeh, Kara, really one could keep a blog about dreams, when they are remebered so vividly.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Nope, I walked right up to the car and then stole it!

Last night I dreamed we were moving to Holland and were leaving tomorrow but hadn't packed yet!