Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mendenhall Harvest Fair

Yesterday, the mendenhall community held it's first ever harvest fair!
Thanks to Kathy!(on the left).
And thanks to all that helped out and all that came out!
We are a small community, what was it Kathy?; 55 lots and approximately the same amount of people living here.
To put something on like this in a small community. Every individual taking part is very essential! We had so much fun.

note! look through the window; SNOW
Don't you love it!?
And then there was mud (Muddyhall, the place was called when we first moved here 15 years ago. Mud is good it means the snow is trying to melt.
And our new playground(which is build on sand) was opened last night is now named -Mendenhall Hooligans- The kids played there of and on till late in the very dark. Till... they heard a bear in the bushes and rushed to the safety of us standing around the fire. Time to go home!


Hagazussa said...

Het lijkt wel of we overal te wereld dezelfde zaaltjes, tafels en stoelen hebben, wonderlijk die uniformiteit. Maar sneeuwt het werkelijk al? Ik ga eens kijken hoe het bij mijn vrienden in Noorwegen is, of waren die nu op weg naar Nederland?

Liefs, Haagje

dogsled_stacie said...

Sorry I missed it, looks like you guys had fun! But good to hear the playground is complete!

christopher said...

I love this. I knew that Mendenhall was as you describe it. I didn't know that it was actually a functioning community. That is way cool and it is sooooo Canadian. It would be unlikely to happen here. No one would try, just because they know it won't work already.

Loving you.

jozien said...

It makes me laugh Haagje, the chairs and tables, but it is kind of sad isn't it, that all over the world we have these things. We here in Mendenhall should be sitting on tree stumps, i say!
Yeh Stacie, it was fun. Maybe you come try out the swings.
Someone at the event was saying this would not have happened 20 years ago, people are coming together now more. So who knows what will happen in Portland in the next 20 years.
I feel kind of a cheat, because really i am not into events like this really, but very glad i did take part!