Friday, September 24, 2010


it's here!
Yesterday i was gloriously happy,
with the first dusting,
the fall colors more outstanding by the whole array. Today more sobering
giggling really;
it's here
and one never knows if it's here to stay.


Cicero Sings said...

Now that is quite the covering of snow. We've had no more, thank goodness, as I'm just not ready for it yet. Usually we don't have snow staying until November.

Brian said...

Hey Jozien
your dusting would have us at a standstill here in the uk.
But me I would take the snow anytime :)Brian(:

jozien said...

So, in the meantime it snowed a lot more! i could barely get home, which is unusual. 'They' say it will melt.
And here it's usually in October that it will stay.

aria said...

wow, snow already..... brrrr, I'm still glad there's just sun and rain...
Do I ?