Sunday, August 30, 2009


Too much.
My days are just too short these days.
Or do i want to do too much?
Or don't i want to miss out on anything?
What ever it is, i better get this post done fast, because i really want to.... numerous things.

Last night after stopping at Virginia's, where i pick some meadow mushrooms and big puffballs, i hike into the Saltflats, and go to a partyYes, this is what i serve at the party, not bear-paw stew, but Red Samphire. It even looks more scary here as it does in the bowl. But everybody likes it and the bowl is empty fast.

I love this photo for the water, and again ask you which shorebird it is. A peeper, right Mary?

And this photo for the sky, because i meet two wonderful people at the Saltflats, Janet and Peter. Peter teaches me about sky photography, he has photos on Webshot (Internet), don't ask me more, i did find them, but don't know how.

And for the laughter. At the party, (Sylvie's farewell:(, we were so loud and had so much fun, it makes me wonder why i only go to parties 3 times a year, max. Too busy, i guess:)

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zie said...

the peeper is a Spotted Sandpiper - one that was born this year.