Sunday, August 23, 2009


coyotes howling
in the cool misty air
grey clouds
above the mountains
white mist
in the valley
the moist air
caressing my skin
the path over grown
wet overhanging branches
brrr wet and cold
startling me
now with all this rain
i keep the fire going
really the house
gets way too warm
sleeping under only a sheet
as if it was still
this hot summer we had
stepping outside
everything is fresh
i like the look of
the big poplars
light grey
on the dry side
dark olive on the west
from which the wetness came
i want to draw
the forms it takes
coyotes howling
i shiver and
go back inside

(i wrote this yesterday morning.
Today, Sunday, was a warm sunny day,
just so you know:)

1 comment:

aria said...

warm inside
cold outside
before you know it's freezing again
which is good as well
love the rain
take a shower in the rain
love the sun
take a warm bath
love the wind
feel the shivering
love the cold
like an icecream
I know you love it