Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Takhini river

The river, at Mendenhall Landing. Seen from the Mendenhall river.

Pat just phoned and spoke last week, with the last speaker of the Tagish language. She spoke Tlingit better, but a different strain again. Pat was happy to learn that her word for King Salmon was Tak as in Takhini, where before the word known for King Salmon was Ta (i probably don't spell that correctly).
All pieces coming together, before those languages are disappearing.

I had to get water today. We haul most water from the well in the neighbourhood here. We have a water tank on an old truck, pump it in a big holding tank outside. And I just transfer it to the tank inside where it is hooked up to normal plumbing.
It works well. But we don't drink the water, because there are traces of Uranium in it.
So i go down with 6, 5 gallon water jerrycans, to get our drinking water. Normally we get it from Stony creek. Today i go to the Takhini river at Mendenhall Landing.
Before there the road dips through a slough. I park the car and walk through the tall green grass along several ponds. Lots of little shore birds, 2 families of Buffleheads, a large family of Northern Shovelers and some others.
Here are the young Buffleheads, and a mother Northern Shoveler with her ducklings.
Don't you like the screamer? i sympathies :)

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ik heb in je zon zitten bladeren / hartstikke mooi

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