Monday, August 3, 2009

Bumble bee

The whole summer, we have had lots of bees in the garden. An hour or so ago, the whole garden started buzzing. The mosquitoes came out again. They had been mostly absent today, for one reason or another. And these nice small bees with orange.
Then on this Lavas flower (a domestic herb) two big bees where feeding. I had not seen them around here and don't know what they exactly are. If you are an expert feel free, because this photo shows the wings nicely, which is an indication of which species it is.
This morning all is very quiet, no buzzing, no wind, just some birds. Dew on everything, after yesterday's well appreciated rain. We don't get dew very often. And the air smoky! It is all very very peaceful, almost eery with the smoke.
The raspberries that Don and i finally picked right here in the garden yesterday, swelled up again after the rain and there is more to pick.
It stays quiet all day and would be hot if it wasn't for the sun obscured by the smoke. (from forest fires somewhere in the Yukon.)
I scrounged the woods today, looking for pieces of bark from the bottoms of dead poplar trees. I use the chunks to paint on. I will post one of those paintings if i feel pleased enough about the result. I didn't have to leave the property as we have many big polars(aspen). We have 20 acres and i haven't seen every inch of it, so i always see something new and interesting; An unknown to me beautiful singing bird, and as i was looking at trees on the ground, a old dead tree full of little white, shelf mushrooms.
Well i did wander of on the neighbours land, nobody lives there. As a matter of fact, the one neighbour we had close by, and were very happy with, moved away last week.
The closest neighbour now at least a kilometer away. With Don and Alexander working long days, i might turn in to a hermit :)


Faith said...

I love to see the pollinators out and about. We used to have so many bees in our yard and now not so many :(.

I think you might find joy in being a hermit? :)

christopher said...

I might come up and build a small shack back in the woods.

aria said...

I don't think you will ever become a hermit :-). You like people too much. But still, it sounds good all this quietness around.

Quiet and buzzing
Nothing than buzzing
And yourself
And the smoke, all around
Like a fairy tale
But it's real, beautifully real!

(hear for some more buzzing on my Flick-site)

jozien said...


keeperoftheislands said...

your heart for the wilderness makes you a great hermit!

this is from your fellow- keeper of the islands...the tropics is lavished with much rain lately, which makes everything green!

breathe...go gently...

jozien said...

Thank you keeperoftheislands
I go gentle and smile, wondering who you are.
to be a keeper of a tropical island, well that is a dream, as a hermit, or mermaid.