Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cranberry Creek

I am so happy, i got to go camping! I might think that my house is just an oversized tent in a most beautiful camping spot. But not so, to lay there in my tent.., to wake up in that special light, insects buzzing, etc. In my house i do hear the birds, but really camping, well you know; one hears everything!
OK i was a little scared too. I did camp on my own, the only comfort to feel safe; my bear spray (haha) and the car close by.
So for the camping; A little grassy opening in the forest, by the cabins (unoccupied) beside Taye Lake. Breakfast on a rock in the middle of Mendenhall river, Which comes out of Taye lake. As i walked up to the river, i startled a family of 9 ducks. Who i did hear from my camp, and i wish i had walked up more quietly, so i could have spied on them for a bit.

Hiking: I am exploring a route to get to 'dream' mountain. One i am eying for a long time, in the Sifton Range.
I use the topo map and a satellite photo from google earth. And i should have done the exact measurements on my compass. We so close to the North pole are some 30 degrees off, i never know exactly and which way:) (Do laugh at me, i am pathetically inept to be a wilderness woman)
Anyway i do find the Mendenhall river easily. (at a point where it brings me closest to Cranberry creek, which at this spot is visible as a white line on the satellite image.
What you see on that image is the gravel;

Which you can not really see in the photo, it is quite extensive in width.
Ah happy to find it! And this is where i should have been more accurate, it does take me a while to find it. I do keep a straight line hiking, but the line probably not straight to it. And i do encounter some heavy bush. For a bit i follow a path of dead willows, well deteriorated, so not to hard to crash through it, and somehow eerily magical. Ehhh, it took me an hour to get to cranberry creek. As the crow flies; 1 km. I am not a crow obviously.
I play a bit, and climb up the high bank on the east. At the end tip of this bank is a lot of Bison dung and along the bank going North a wonderful game trail. Which takes me fast now, the views taken in while walking, it only stops me when i end up in a blueberry patch, mmmmm.
Before i know it, i am what i think is at the spot where Harrison creek flows into Cranberry creek.
Ahhhh, is this Harrison?

Let me know if it is. I am almost sure, but heck it could be just a channel of cranberry that had wandered off a bit, and came crashing back in the main channel.

No, it's Harrison creek, it's narrow, but lots of water crashing through it. It's heavily forested too, Not a creek easily to follow along the banks. And when there is a trail to Harrison Lake, i haven't found it yet.
I am very happy though to find this creek! i look, listen, wander, drink and bath in it (i did have to cross it, to continue) Where as Cranberry Creek and the Mendenhall river were fairly warm to cross, This one invigorating cold!

I can imagine a trail to 'dream' mountain, which doesn't exist yet.
Dream mountain, the one that is not in this picture. Haha.

This is probably the highest peak of the Sifton Range, which is beyond my dreams.
But hey, you out there, who has been there (without the use of a helicopter, placing you at its feet.) Let me know! I have room for more dreams.

Two hours it took me to get to the Harrison landing in Cranberry creek, which is hopeful to do get me to my dream for now, This hike going at the rate of 2 hours per 4 km, should get me there in 8 hours!


aria said...

what a scary things you are doing in your life :-).
I like camping, I like hiking, but what you do is far beyond my guts!!
No bears around?

Have fun!

Sue said...

I agree with Aria, you are a brave woman! I love to camp, but I've never camped alone yet... although I've been thinking about it lately! And when I hike, I only follow the trail that's marked. I never blaze paths in wilderness.
I'm so bad at compass reading :D I can never teach that to my kids!

I want to be as brave as you!

christopher said...

Lovely post again, Jozien. Thank you.