Tuesday, June 30, 2009

After the rain

Yukon Beardtongue

Everything looks fresh.
All the smells wonderful.
And lets not talk about mosquitoes,
they're everywhere today, even here now, in the house
I walk North, all is still purple, from the Lupines, at the end of there bloom.
Lots of water in the creek, the only dogwood bush, i know of here, is blooming.
Later i come upon one little patch of our more common dogwood, little white stars upon the forest floor.

As i started typing the sun was shining, now it is raining again. So it is all day.
I do like to get out in my garden, for some weeding, it looks like i have a good excuse. I also wanted to pick wild strawberries, they are ready! but they need to be dry, for picking.

To continue my walk; on the path through the swamp, there are the little tofieldias
in abundance.

The purple/red; Eskimo Patato.
In the swamp here and there tiny orchids and an abundance of a red/purple louseworts.
Too many flowers to all mention.
Upon the ridges a silver/purple wash of Showy Locoweed, with a few of the above,
Yukon Beardtongue. Moosekull Lake below is very very green.
hmmmm today the mosquitoes do bother me.


christopher said...

I heard you could use a metal garbage can lid as a shield, and when the buggers come at you let them hit the lid. Then hammer their tubes down flat on the other side and you have them trapped. But this only works with the really big ones. The smaller ones bounce off and you can end them when they are still stunned. When you get five of them trapped on the lid this way, they can actually lift the lid but they never can figure out how to work together and fly off.

jozien said...

hmmmm... i tried that, but you know what....

Rahman,Ahchong,Muniandy said...

nice scenario.good hobbies.cool n fresh.tq