Saturday, June 27, 2009

Great Horned Owl

What did i say yesterday?
About freedom?
Today i feel people pulling at me
always wanting attention
that's what drives me crazy

Ha, i like to say about myself;
i rather be cold and shivering
being out and about
then warm and stuck inside the house

i like to add today;
i rather be lonely and crying
being free
then loved and stuck with you

Noooo! why am i always lying?

I met an owl today
sitting in a tree beside my path
a branch broke
swiftly, silently, he flew off
A great brown body
giant wings
on the way back
same tree
total silence as he fled
if i was with you....
we would be waiting
sitting, silent
in the grass
till he returns

I met many more creatures in the woods today
and will write about it in a next post.
As my off-spring
demands the computer now

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