Sunday, June 7, 2009

the Prom

Zoe and Alexander

Mother and son

grads of 2009

A wise man once asked me,
"If life is measured in moments which ones give it value?"
I stopped where I stood,
Facing a fading sunset,
and thought
Is it maybe the moments we triumph
Is it maybe the moments we fall and pick ourselves back up.
he shook his head,
As if to say he could read my mind
Is it maybe those moments we've taken for granted
Is it maybe those moments we treasure as memories.
Life is measured in selves.
It is those simple smiles
The carefree laughs
Those moments we have shared.

The wise man turned to me
His smile like a thousand starry nights
Nodding as he faded into my reflection
At the crossroads.
I measure my life now.
I measure it in first steps,
First days,
First dates.
I measure first loves,
First heartbreaks.
I measure life in inside jokes,
In days like this one,
Days I share with people closest to me.
I speak into the now high hanging moon.
"A life measured in moments is one lived from the heart,
A life lived for life."

by Kayla Dewdney
(second girl from the right)


christopher said...


A whole life is here
in three pictures, one poem,
one night on the path
to summer's long light,
a promenade, expectant,
a mother and son,
and the others who
take the son further than this
vibrant holy night.

Sue said...

Beautiful!!! And the poem is wonderful -- and so is Christopher's poem! I'm so full of happiness, aren't you? Your son looks so handsome, and you two look so happy. This is such a great time.

aria said...

What a beautiful words .... And how handsome and happy you all look.
big hug!

Faith said...


What lovely pictures:)
And a perfect poem.

You all look so very happy...makes me smile big here:)

jozien said...

Thank You!!!!

Cicero Sings said...

You don't look old enough to be a Mom of a grad!