Wednesday, June 24, 2009

back home

Thank you, for all the warm regards i have received over the last 2 weeks.
Yesterday early morning, 4.30 am, my sister Tilly drove me to the airport. She looked so beautiful (she always does) but today in her Transavia uniform, because she had to fly to Alicante (yes?).
Everything looks beautiful. Contradictory to my own feelings, not that i was sad, i am peaceful, but don't know how i feel.
We drive on the 8 lane plus, highway, towards a morning star, there is a low fog over the fields we pass. Above the sky is pink, up higher still dark.
The villages are golden lights. Rows of trees point to the sky. Cars zoom by.
It's here i think of writing again, And am making an attempt here.
Thanking you all for thinking of me.

I did meet some blog connections in person. By coincidence, my elementary school friend Anja, was visiting in Holland too. For the first time i met her son Marc, who is a blogger too. I will make here a link with their blogs.

Anja&Marc on mom's balcony.



Condor had some doubts if it wanted to take me back to the Yukon, but at the end they did. And i had good trip, home in some 16 hours, along the most direct route, now possible (over the North pole)
I still in doubt, had a beautiful home coming.
My garden most beautifully wild.
When i would name my home, it would be called 'Rose Garden'.
And this is why; for two weeks or so a year, all the wild roses are blooming.
This is the time, pink roses everywhere, the whole yard smells of roses.
It's going to be a sunny day.
How good can it get?
Thank you.


christopher said...

Welcome home sweetie. I hope you are soon settled in and refreshed from your flight. A turning point and a visit home. You have never been here in your life before. All is well I hope.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Sounds like you had a good time!

Enjoy those roses. I have been making rose petal jelly and syrup!

aria said...

Welcome to your Rose Garden, my dear Jozien!
Enjoy the roses, the garden, Don and Alexander!
And of course, welcome your Wild Garden!

RachelW said...

Welcome home, Jozien. I will be joining you back in the Yukon next week. :)

Rien said...

It's good to see my wife(anja) and son Marc i miss them.