Tuesday, November 18, 2008

-35 Celcius

Today we woke up and down by the outhouse it was -35 C. I say by the outhouse, because the thermometer attached to the house will always say more.
Hmmm.. maybe i don't go skiing today.
The sun is brilliant today, like always in cold weather, the sky dark blue.
At noon i went for walk (see next(above) two posts).
On the way back, on the Fire smart. The fog from the mendenhall river had lifted and created this scenery. Which would be around 1.30 pm. When i come home it has warmed up to -25 C.
Already the end of November, only one month away from the longest night.
Now looking out of the window,3.45 pm, the sun has gone down west of this mountain in the dip. It has skimmed across it for the last hour.

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