Friday, November 7, 2008


'moose skull lake'
Today i set out on skies. I got back last night and there is more snow. Early this morning the stars were out and i knew it would be a beautiful day and so it is.
I am drawn again to my 'new' favorite spot; the creek flowing into 'moose skull lake'.
I would like to name this short little creek.
As my mind wanders, searching for a name. I am reminded of last nights 'wild' experience;

Driving home with Alexander on the Alaska Highway, we both are startled by Elk on the highway. Lots of them! It is like a wall of brown bodies. The roads are slippery and i am very aware of not to over-react. As i brake careful, pumping, i head straight for the Elk. Certainly i am going to hit them. Luckily for us the elk move swiftly en masse, and an opening appears, in the middle of the road. A big bull the last one in the middle. Actually we never even get close to hitting them.
It was a close call though.

Safer to be on skies!
Anyway; Direction 'moose skull lake' , fish tailing up the 'fire-smart', sliding at perfect speed towards the lake. Uhm, there is overflow on the lake, in the middle there are definitely wet patches, i stay on the side of the lake. I expect lots of water close to the creek, but there is none. I brought a clipper, and clip some willows that over hang and grow in the creek. Most are dead branches. I remove some dead spruce stems that have fallen over the creek. Quite easily i get to ski to the meadow.
Alas, no camera again, i left it in my pack, which i left at the lake, where i started to clear a ski-trail. it is an amazing area though and when I name it i hope to have a picture for you.
I ski back on the north side of the lake ; see photo. It seems the Lynx is not afraid to cross. By the little inlet, i have a trail towards 'maria mnt.'
Right underneath the drumlins (or esker) i find this snow draping the willows.
I climb up the esker and connect with another trail, which i follow all the way home. There are wonderful descents. Skiing is Joy!

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