Sunday, November 9, 2008

Above the clouds

This morning it was foggy outside and very still.
I was wondering; one day i will post sounds on this blog. I was listening to the fluttering of the wings of a chickadee.
Looking up i noticed that the fog is not that thick when you look up, that's when i decided to go for the next adventure.
It is evening now and i am still sore.

Skiing up the 'fire smart trail', going on the bush road around 'moose skull lake'.
As it is at least -15 C the skiing is very good, I never use wax on, to be waxed skies. Without wax i find the colder temperature favorable to ski uphill.
In the swamp i meet 3 skidoers. Allard thank you for breaking trail for me! Past the swamp the trail gets rather hilly and on steep sections to fishtail up is easier on snowmobile tracks.
What i am saying the conditions are very good. Which is the reason i will make it all the way up 'maria mnt.' I do leave my skies behind on the last esker.

I am writing this entry in bits and pieces; i am very sore!

On the last esker is where the trail ends anyway, This winter i might finish it.
There are fairly fresh Moose (or Elk) tracks in the dark dip before the mountain.
As i climbing up the steep mountain side, the fog seems to get thicker. I wonder if it is all in vain, maybe by the time i get to the top the cloud has risen.
In the snow, sometimes a foot thick with a crust i break through, i sit on a rock or stump, every 5 minutes.

The snow is gorgeously looking up here, in patterns. And the hoar frost is thick.
I am close to blue sky, but still in the cloud. A weak sun shining through the clouds.
On the top i follow what looks like a porcupine track. Looking into the Sifton Range
there is no clouds. Taye lake is in the fog.

Finally i reach the very top; I am in the blue sky and when i turn around to the South. Tyler, Kelvin and Bratnober are slivers sticking out above the Cloud.
It is fantastic. And i stay around till my toes are frozen. The mountains come out even more. And then there is a sun dog! Middle mnt. comes out too.

I slide back into the fog. I have always enjoyed this sliding, but maybe not so early in the season, last week i ripped my pants. Today i hit my tail bone, and that's why i am so sore now.

Back on skies; i don't feel my tail bone that much, but do feel more tired. I decide to take the short cut across the lake. The over flow looks different again. And there are lots of star like holes in the ice. Is this all musk rat activity?

When i cross i hear and later see a crack, hmmm... maybe best to go around and stay close to the shore. I end up in thick slush. And never really get all the ice off the bottom of my skies, I am too tired, and figure i be home soon, mostly downhill.
Of course it is more tiring to ski with ice on your skies.

Ah my husband! He must have guessed my predicament and comes to pick me up with the skidoo. I gladly accept the invitation. Uhmm... I should have know. He is a madman, and at the end without letting me off he takes me on a superfast spin on the driveway.
I think i die. I scream and he laughs.

Loving all of it, I lay, played out, on the sun room floor while peeling of clothes.

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